Cimarron Farm Youth Program

Program Details

Our youth program, also known as “Garden Club” is back! In 2020 the program took a year off due to Covid-19, but we are so excited to bring it back for the summer of 2021!

Run by Nina Cook, this program is an exciting hands-on environment engaging local young people from the community. Participants get to learn and play through a wide variety of activities. The youth get to plant seeds, cook with vegetables from the farm, learn about ecological cycles, create experiments, and learn through tangible experiences. At the end of the program, they are excited to bring home what they learned to their families.

In Nina’s words, “If you ever woke up and realized the endless possibilities when creating a program utilizing a farm and a kitchen, I would say, “I get that”. After years of delighting in youth development programs and community-based research I can confirm that this program is the culmination of a dream realized that benefits youth in ways not to be under-stated.

Contact us if you’re interested in learning more about Cimarron Community Farm’s Youth Program!