About the Farm

Our Story


Cimarron Community Farm germinated in 2010 under the care of Ann DeLaVergne, a community-oriented powerhouse dedicated to integrating healthy, local food into Cimarron Park's food system. With the support of donors like the Dorothy and Lee Whitson Foundation, volunteers, and a team of motivated women, the farm was nurtured into a gathering place for neighbors, a hub for youth enrolled in a partnership program with FamilyMeans, and a beautiful, biodiverse producer of delicious vegetables.

Now operated by Elise Hanson and Madeline Esterl, the vibrancy of the farm and community continues to radiate. After a season punctuated by the Covid-19 pandemic and transitions on the farm, we are excited by the support of Cimarron Park management and the greater community so that we can grow and connect with renewed force in 2021.

Our Farmers

Elise Hanson

Elise is a source of joyfulness, creative thinking, and a resolute work ethic. Her background in food justice and organic agriculture have given her the right tools to make Cimarron grow. Stop by the farm to chat with her about intriguing fermentation projects or the best local bicycle routes!

Madeline Esterl

Madeline is a lover of good food and the great outdoors, so farming is an excellent intersection! With experience in conservation, youth services, and agriculture, she brings a healthy dose of enthusiasm and hard work to the fields. Come out to the farm and find her jamming to Stevie Nicks and bunching some fresh picks!